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I paint to convey my being to other beings and to explore the being of others. Contact with the other is the ultimate shock and at the same time our only hope. I am self taught and consider this to be a good thing. I am interested in people and their existence in the world of objects using the medium of light as a tool. I believe that we are our surroundings and hence that no part of the canvas is more important than any other. At various times in my life I have given significance to  things I have experienced - a childhood shipwreck, girls on the beach, my uncle painting, works by James Tissot, Rothko, Edward Hopper, the photorealists, Caravaggio, Titian, the school of London artists, an epileptic fit, modernist poetry, the philosophy of Heidegger and Foucault - but I see myself as a preformed entity, not as a blank canvas or some kind of sponge. My style of hard edged realism emerged as soon as I began to paint and after some experiments in an attempt to find a gesture that was 'me' I returned to painting in the same way. Lately my focus has shifted from landscape to people and I have sought portrait commisssions in particular. At present I am engaged in painting a series of pictures of people with life challenges.


BA (2.1) Communications Studies 1983 Sheffield City Polytechnic

MA Mass Media Studies 1986 University of Leicester


Octagon Illusion - Group Show - Diorama Gallery- 2000

Off Broadway Gallery solo shows 2003 & 2005

The Art Experience solo shows 2006 & 2008

Graham Fine Art exhibited 2009 - 2012

Espacio Gallery group shows 2013 & 2014

Other Activities

Since leaving college and resolving to work as little as possible I have written a sizeable quantity of poetry, some of which I have published as 'Streets Without Clocks'  which can be obtained at I continue to read in public.

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Gunby Geoff
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