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Valeria Latorre is a professional artist with a scientific background. Her researcher at the moment is on the human eye perception of water movement and light reflection through a philosophical and scientific point of view.
Philosophy and science were born when Tales was asking himself questions about the essence of the world: water.
Water has a special place and role for human, which needs to be analyzed and represented to be understood and felt.
She tries to capture the natural movement (or stillness) of water with her camera, and the selected photos are  then interpreted and translated, used as a reference for the artist's photorealistic paintings.
Water can be represented in infinite shapes, lights, colors, mood, reflection... which gives the artist many possibilities to approach the subject under many points of views for the next few years.

BSc Statistics (University of Calabria)
MSc Biostatistics (University of Bologna)
PhD Statistical Genetics (University of Calabria/ Children's Hospital of Philadelphia)
Post graduate Diploma in Scenic Art for the Theatre (RADA)

Il Graffio, Cosenza 2010
Cavern Club, Cosenza 2011
Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London 2012
Art Rooms, London 2014

Other Activities
Piano, dance, philosophy, jazz, science.

Personal Website

Latorre Valeria
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