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3D (ANAGLYPH) IMAGES These photographically-based images are really about different ways of seeing and how the brain can play tricks on vision. When viewed through (inexpensive paper) red-cyan glasses, pictures shot with this three-dimensional effect look surreal, with the method selectively accentuating surprising and unexpected aspects. Sights, scenes and textures stand out more than they do in real life. Yet after a while, the 'photographs' becomes immersive and surrounding, involving onlookers until they become participants. The longer one looks, the more pervasive the sense becomes. Effectively, the presentation becomes a low-tech virtual reality environment.

1976 - BA in English Literature, University of California at Santa Cruz 1984 - Diploma in Professional Photography, University of Westminster 2010 - MA in Digital Art, Camberwell College of Art, University of the Arts, London

2013 - '3D photography by Ethel Davies', Tapestry, London 2012 - 'London Canals in 3D', the London Canal Museum 2012 - 'The Ice Hotel', the Scandinavia Show and the Luxury Travel Show 1984- 2004 - several solo shows of conventional photography at various venues

Other Activities
An inveterate traveller Worked for Thomas Cook providing images for several books Wrote and photographed Cityspots Marrakech and Cityspots Reykjavik for Thomas Cook Wrote and photographed North Africa the Roman Coast for Bradt Travel Guides

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Davies Ethel
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